Imagine if you had to sleep out in the woods. Could you make yourself a shelter to protect yourself from the wind and rain? Perhaps you could make a den and have a little tea party inside it or take your teddies for a picnic there. A simple den can be made from a strong tree and lots of sticks.

Step 1

Walk around the woods and collect lots of fallen sticks and branches. Find some that are long and strong and some that are thin and flexible.

Step 2

Lean the biggest sticks up against the tree trunk to make a triangle shaped den beneath. Weave the thin sticks through the structure to make it stronger. Make sure you leave a gap in the middle so that you can get in and out.

Step 3

Find leaves and dry grasses to cover the surface of the den.

What you need

Lots of sticks that are as tall or taller than you. Be careful and don’t choose any that are too heavy and could hurt if they fell on you.


Why not take out an old sheet or a tarpaulin and use these to make your den. You could stretch a washing line between the branches and hang your sheet over it to make a tent.

Did you know?

Human houses are commonly made of brick, wood, metal and stone but throughout history humans have made shelters from all sorts of materials including leather, leaves, mud and animal dung!

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