It can be exciting to see the world around us change with the seasons, especially when we see the first real fog of Autumn. Where have all the trees and houses gone? Are they still there? For children it may be the first time that have experienced this type of weather and it can be a great opportunity to explore outdoors.

Step 1

Get dressed for the weather. It may be cold outside. Talk about safety in the fog. Remember that cars and other people might not be able to see you, so stick together and be careful when crossing the road.

Step 2

Head for the local green space. Talk about what you can see and what has gone missing. Where was the playground? Can you see the tops of the trees?

Step 3

Make up a story as you walk along. Perhaps the clouds have fallen down, or perhaps you are exploring the top of a mountain above the cloud line.

What you need

Suitable clothing.


Buy some coloured paper and white chalk and try to draw a foggy picture when you get home.

Did you know?

Fog is made of tiny droplets of water that are suspended in the air. It is just like a cloud at ground level.

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