A frosty day can be very beautiful and a great place to explore. Put on your warm jacket, boots and gloves and go for a walk. You can simply pop out into your garden or take a walk in the park. Look at the ice on the grass, railings, puddles and trees.

Step 1

Dress up warm and talk about what frost is. Frost is tiny ice crystals.

Step 2

Look for frost on the grass and see if you can make footprints in it as you walk along. Can you draw shapes in the frosty grass? What happens when you touch the frost?

Step 3

Look closely at the grass and the leaves of bushes and trees, can you see the ice crystals? What happens when you breathe warm breath on the frosty leaves?

What you need

Warm clothes.


Take a magnifying glass and take a closer look at the frost.

Did you know?

When the air outside is damp and the temperature falls to near or below zero it often settles on the plants and other surfaces overnight and freezes to form ice crystals.

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