Every walk you go on has its own story. That story can be told in the little things you find along the way. From the minute you leave the house you encounter trees, leaves, grasses, feathers and flowers. Collect these little bits of nature as you walk along and turn them into your own journey story by attaching them to your journey stick.

Step 1

Find a thin stick that is no longer then your arm. Tie a length of wool to the bottom of the stick.

Step 2

As you walk along, pick up natural objects and attach them to your stick by wrapping the wool around them.

Step 3

Add more and more objects to the stick until you have wrapped the wool all the way to the top. Look at your stick and talk through where you found each of the objects to help you remember your journey.

What you need

A thin stick, a length of wool and a selection of natural objects.


Turn your journey stick into a magic wand and cast magic spells as you walk along.

Did you know?

Animals navigate from one place to another using their own form of journey stick. They look at features in the landscape, the sounds of cities or the ocean and the position of the sun to help them to navigate from one place to another.

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