Everyone likes to dress up and pretend. Children have great imaginations and can create active stories that everyone can join in with. Why not turn yourselves into the king or queen of the wood by making a leaf crown.

Step 1

Cut a strip of paper or card that will fit around the head to make a crown. Don’t stick the ends together yet. Put a strip of double-sided sticky tape down the middle, or just use normal sticky tape to help you stick things to the crown.

Step 2

Search for a selection of large leaves that can be stuck to the crown. Dry them off if they are damp. You could collect leaves of all one colour, search for a selection of different shaped leaves or find all the colours of Autumn!

Step 3

Stick the leaves to the crown and then wrap the crown around the head and tape it at the back for a snug fit. Now go and play!

What you need

A long strip of paper or card that fits around the head. Sticky tape.


In the summer you could add daisies or dandelions and long grasses to your crown. In winter your crown could be made of twigs.

Did you know?

Fallen leaves take about two years to turn back into soil. Worms, woodlice and the weather all help the leaves to break down and become soil.

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