There is so much to see when we are out for a walk. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to look at first. Focus your child’s attention by giving them a direction to look in. You can develop their directional skills and get them to exercise their long and near vision.

Step 1

Whilst walking along, stop and say ‘look high, what can you see?’. Look out for aeroplanes, clouds and tree branches. Walk a little further and say ‘look low, what can you see?’. Look down to spot stones, puddles, worms or dandelions.

Step 2

If the ground is dry try lying face down on the grass and peer into the grass. What life do you see in the grass? Now turn over and lie on your back and look high up to the sky. What might be living up there?

Step 3

Now take it in turns to call out the direction you will all look in.

You will need

Just your eyes.


Add directions like ‘look left’, ‘look far away’, ‘look back’. Take it in turns to shout the direction in which you will look next. Think about what the same place might look like at a different time of year. Imagine a storm in the sky or snow under foot.


Did you know?

Light travels faster than sound. If you see someone bouncing a ball in the distance, you will see the ball hit the ground before you hear it. This is why we see the lightening and then hear the thunder later. The sound just takes longer to get to us.

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