Can you tell one tree from another just by the way they feel? Each tree has a different type of bark that makes them feel different. Some are very smooth, some rough and some have lots of knots and holes. Maybe they have low hanging branches that you can reach or lumpy roots that stick up from the ground. Use your sense of touch to explore the trees and feel what the differences are.

Step 1

Find an area with a selection of trees. Take it in turns to close or cover your eyes. You can make a blindfold from a piece of fabric like a scarf, or just shut your eyes tight.

Step 2

Lead the blindfolded person to a tree and let them feel it. Feel the trunk, feel down to the roots and feel for any low branches and leaves. Give the tree a hug and see how broad the trunk is.

Step 3

Lead your blindfolded person away from the tree and see if they can find their tree again once the blindfold has been removed.

You will need

An area with a number of different trees and a blindfold.


Slowly spin the blindfolded person around two times before the blindfold is removed to make it trickier.

Did you know?

Trees are very important in nature. Not only do they help provide oxygen and food, but they are also home to many different animals including squirrels, birds, bats and insects.

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