Is that a little face peeping at you from inside that tree? We often see faces in natural objects such as trees as they contain lots of knots and lumps that seem to look like eyes and noses. Why not take a walk through the woods and see if you can find any natural faces, then add one of your own.

Step 1

Find an area of ‘clean’ mud or soil. Pick up a handful and feel how wet or firm the mud is. Can you shape the mud into a ball? If so, take some of the mud and make two eyes, a nose and a smiley mouth and stick them onto a tree to give it a face.

Step 2

If the mud is too dry you could add a few drops of water until you can shape it. Or, if you have any, take a ball of air-drying clay and use this to make a face.

Step 3

Now, look for small sticks, moss, feathers or leaves to use as hair and further decorate your face

What you need

Some mud and water or some air-drying clay. Something to wash your hands with.


You could try shaping a flat disc from clay and carve out or apply extra clay to make a face, then stick it to a tree.

Did you know?

The phenomenon of seeing faces in everyday objects is called Pareidolia. It is believed that it helped our early ancestors to survive and gave them an advantage. It is better to see a face in the woods, than not see one, even if it’s a false alarm.

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