Why not make your own photo story whilst you’re out and about. We almost always have our phone with us these days and most children are used to having photos taken of them. You can use the images to tell a story about todays outdoor adventure.

Step 1

Charge your phone or camera and keep it to hand as you go for your walk. Keep it in a shock proof case if possible in case it gets dropped.

Step 2

Talk to your child about what today’s story should be about. Plan a story together.

Step 3

Take photos as you go along. It could be a photo of the route you take, the things you see or something imaginative happening. Both you and your child could strike poses and take it in turns to take photos. Now sit together and look through the photos. Talk about what happened on your walk today.

What you need

A charged camera or phone, a protective case.


Bring a few other toy characters out on your walk today and let them star in your story. Try taking ‘perspective’ shots where you put a small toy car (for example) close to the lens and make it look full sized or giant in the final image.

Did you know?

The first permanent photographs were produced in the mid 19th century and took hours, or days for the image to expose and fix itself to a hard metal or glass plate. Digital images only became possible in the 1990s with the first digital cameras and improvements in computer technology.

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