Do the children enjoy creating things with playdough? Take a pot of play dough or air-drying clay out with you when you next go for a walk. You can use it to make some of the shapes you see in nature. Make a leaf shape, a worm, a snail or even make a play dough face to stick on a tree.

Step 1

Practice rolling, shaping and cutting playdough before you go out.

Step 2

Find a spot to sit down and decide what animal you’d like to make with the dough. Keep it simple and start with worms and snails. Roll the dough in the flat of your hands to make a sausage, then turn it into a worm or roll it up to become a snail.

Step 3

Look for a suitable place for your playdough pal to live. Will you hide your worm under a log, or have your snail crawling across a leaf.

What you need

Play dough or air-drying clay, wet wipes to clean hands afterwards, a bag to carry your creations in.


Why not make your play dough pals before you go out and leave them to dry. The you can take your dried creatures out to play with you on more than one occasion. You can even make your own child-friendly dough with 2 cups of flour, 1 cup of salt and 1 cup of water. Add a tablespoon of oil and a squeeze of finger paint and squash it all together. You can add glitter or scented colourings for an extra sensory experience!

Did you know?

Real worms eat soil and breathe through their skin. They live off the dead plants, bacteria and fungi found in the soil. Snails like to chew on fresh leaves and tasty green shoots. Snails need to stay in cool damp places. If it gets too hot and dry they seal themselves up inside their shells and wait until it rains again.

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