It’s great fun to pick up a long stick whilst out on a walk and use it as an extension of your arm. How far can you reach with your stick? Can you touch a high branch or reach down into that deep pond? Can it turn into a magic wand or a sword?

Step 1

Find a long stick that you can easily pick up and hold. Try and find a stick that’s about as long as your arm.

Step 2

Reach high, reach low, poke it in a puddle, swish it in the stream or tap it on the railings. Run along and make a track in the ground behind you with the stick.

Step 3

Imagine that your stick has magical powers and use it as a magic wand. Take it in turns to imagine and say what type of magic spells it can do.

What you need

A long stick that is easy to hold.


Try picking up a selection of different sticks of different lengths and weights. Decide which one is best for you.

Did you know?

A stick is a good way of exploring the world around us. It allows us to touch things without having to get too close or use our hands. You can use your stick to turn over stones and logs, to see how deep the mud is or to check if something is soft or hard.

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