What an adventure it can be to explore the woods. Sometimes it’s exciting to leave the main path and go exploring amongst the trees. So why not make your own path through the woods and decide where it’s going to take you.

Step 1

Collect a bag full of sticks.

Step 2

Decide where your path will begin. Are you starting at the base of the magic tree or near the fairy village? Lay the sticks out to create a long path. Will it go in a straight line or will it twist and curve and go around corners?

Step 3

Now get your family or friends to follow the path and see where it leads.

What you need

A large bundle of sticks.


Lay two parallel lines of sticks to make the edges of the path. If you can’t find enough sticks, you could try drawing a path with a stick in the mud or make a muddy footprint path.

Did you know?

When we’re out walking we sometimes see feint paths through the grass. These are paths called ‘desire paths’. They are the preferred route that people take to get from one point to another. They are often a natural ‘short cut’, avoiding the main paths.

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