In nature all living things are connected by food chains. Some animals are predators (hunters) and some animals are prey (the ones who get eaten). Animals have evolved lots of adaptations to help them to ‘hide’ from one another, either whilst hunting or whilst being hunted. This game is a take on ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’ as you try to avoid being heard.

Step 1

Decide who is going to be fox and who are going to be the rabbits.

Step 2

The fox turns his back on the rabbits and goes for a walk. The rabbits have to tiptoe behind the fox without making a sound.

Step 3

If the fox hears you he turns around and growls loudly and then tries to catch the rabbits. Whichever rabbit gets caught has to sit out until the next game.

What you need

Two or more people of any age.


Why not try changing the characters and being the Owl and the Mice or the Frog and the Fly.

Did you know?

A fox can bark and growl as well as howl.

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