Children need to run about and be active, so why not get everyone involved in this simple activity to get ‘there and back again’. Build up their speed and stamina by setting children a challenge to run to a certain point, tag it and then run back again. All ages can play.

Step 1

Do a little warm up activity on the spot by getting the children to jog, leap, stretch and star jump on the spot for 30 seconds.

Step 2

Now spot an object in the distance and get them to run to that point, tag it and run back again. It could be a tree, the gate, a bench or any other feature you can see that they can run to safely. Avoid crowded places or anywhere with lots of trip hazards.


As soon as the child returns to the base where you are standing, give them the next point to run to. Vary the distance depending on the age of the children playing.

You will need

A large open space with obvious easy to reach points.


Get the children to get ‘there and back again’ in character. Make them flap their wings, gallop, waddle or swim to their destination and back.

Did you know?

Migrating animals move between two locations throughout the year to make the most of the weather or food source. Many geese raise their chicks in the summer months in areas around the Arctic Circle, before heading south to spend the winter in the UK where it’s much warmer.

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