Treasure is all around us. You can often find pebbles that contain shining quartz crystals, rocks that contain fossils, sparkling frost on a leaf or shiny smooth seeds. Use your imagination and see how much treasure you can find outside today.

Step 1

Find a small ‘treasure box’ and take it outside with you.

Step 2

Look for anything that could be treasure for your box. Pick up pebbles, pretty leaves, petals, feathers and shiny seeds and put them in your treasure box.

Step 3

Sit together and talk about how valuable this treasure is to King crow and Queen magpie.

What to bring

A small box in which to put your treasure.


Make some simple silver coins from foil and hide them outside. See who can find the most coins. Remember how many you made, so that you can retrieve them all.

Did you know

Magpies and crows are very intelligent and curious animals who will investigate shiny and colourful objects to see what they are.

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