brown teddy bear on green grass

Find a friend

Choose one of your toys or characters to take out today. Help them to explore everything with you and do some fun, messy activities together!

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baby listening in black headset

Music Maker

Let’s make music! Lots of natural objects can make great instruments, collect them and test our their sounds.

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wildlife detective activity

Wildlife Detective

Let’s turn detective! Use your super detective skills to find out which creatures have been in the area near you.

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Water-patterns activity

Water Patterns

Make patterns with water! Brighten up your driveway or pavement! Who can draw the best design?

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skeleton key surround with dry leaves

Treasure Box

What glistening and shiny treasures can you find in nature? Collect them and pop them in your treasure box.

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Tickling Stick

Can you avoid being tickled? Watch out for the tickling stick! Keep an eye on who has the stick!

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