Smelly Cocktails

Make your own smelly cocktail or potion using the things you can find in nature. There are lots of smelly things, so be sure to test them all first!

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brown teddy bear on green grass

Find a friend

Choose one of your toys or characters to take out today. Help them to explore everything with you and do some fun, messy activities together!

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brown nut on person's left palm

Hiding Hands

A fun game for two or more players! Choose an object each, ask one another questions to discover what the other person is hiding in their hands.

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four children standing on dirt during daytime


Point to things you see and make them part of your story. Who will your characters be and what adventures will they have?

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person holding white flower during daytime

Make A Nature Bracelet

Make a bracelet using things you find on your walk. Choose a colour or theme for your design, or see how many different natural objects can you add.

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