Winter can feel like a long season and we often spend a lot of our time indoors. So it’s a great experience to go out without our hats and scarves and feel the first warmth of spring. The sun will look brighter and higher in the sky, the insects start to fly and the first flowers start to bloom. What can you see and feel?

Step 1

Pick a sunny day in Spring and talk about what happens during this season. The days are longer, the air warmer, the sun stronger.

Step 2

Go outside and look for spring flowers. Feel the petals, look inside the flowers, smell them. Can you see blossom, buds or leaves on the trees?

Step 3

Look and listen out for insects and other animals waking up after the long winter. Bees, beetles, snails and birds will all start to buzz, hop and crawl about, looking for a meal.

What you need

All of your senses, to see, hear smell and feel the springtime.


Why not wake up really early and listen for the ‘dawn chorus’. Birds will sing loudly to one another as the sun comes up.

Did you know?

Spring flowers are often yellow. The colour yellow is very attractive to pollinating insects such as bees. This might be their first drink of nectar in months.

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