Children love to be chased by a tickling stick. Whilst out walking, see if you can find a really long stem with a fluffy seed head on the top. Grasses are great for this. This is a great activity to get everyone running around and laughing.

Step 1

Find some long grasses with a fluffy seed head on top and give everyone their own tickling stick. Whose is the longest? Whose looks the strongest?

Step 2

Take it in turns to be the tickler. Give the people being chased a 5 second count down to run away and then start chasing them with the tickling stick.

Step 3

Why not turn the tickling game into ‘stuck in the mud’ where, once tickled you can’t move until a friend releases you.

You will need

A long stemmed grass with a fluffy head (don’t use anything hard, ridged or pointed!)


Try tickling other things as you walk along. Tickle the grass, tickle the trees or even the dog. Remember not to tickle passers by!

Did you know?

Humans need physical contact with familiar people in order to feel happy, content and safe. Contact could be a pat on the shoulder, holding hands, hugging or tickling!

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