There are lots of different ways to move from one place to another. You can shuffle, crawl, leap or roll. Can you get from one point to another without standing up? This is a great game to get children of all ages involved, including babies and toddlers.

Step 1

Lay out a start and end point for your race. Perhaps use your bag or some clothing. Something soft is ideal, just in case you roll or shuffle over the line!

Step 2

Decide how you are all going to move. You can choose from rolling, crawling, leaping like a frog or shuffling on your bottom.

Step 3

Repeat the race using a different movement, or make the race track longer.

What you need

Two items to mark out the start and end point of your race.


Add in different animal movements like wriggling like a worm, crawling like a beetle, leaping like a frog or rolling like a hedgehog.

Did you know?

A worm has no legs but can move quickly by stretching and shrinking its muscles. They also use tiny hairs to help them to grip the ground.

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