Water Patterns

Water-patterns activity

Make patterns with water! Brighten up your driveway or pavement! Who can draw the best design?

Smelly Cocktails

Make your own smelly cocktail or potion using the things you can find in nature. There are lots of smelly things, so be sure to test them all first!

Play Dough Pals

play dough

Grab your playdough or clay and make the things you see! Will it be a plant or creature you see, or can you make something new!

Muddy Faces

smiling girl sitting on ground near child looking up while reaching bubbles surrounded with tall and orange trees during daytime

Use mud or clay to create faces that you can leave on trees for others to see!

Mud Prints

people's hand on gray mud

Use mud to make your own natural paint, and create a piece of artwork!

Frost Finder

closeup photography of frozen brown leaves

Brr, the frost is here! Let’s wrap up warm and explore how frost changes things.

Ice Bird Feeder

brown and white bird on green metal fence

Help the birds find food in winter by making them their own ice lolly, with lots of their favourite treats inside!