Music Maker

baby listening in black headset

Let’s make music! Lots of natural objects can make great instruments, collect them and test our their sounds.

Wildlife Detective

wildlife detective activity

Let’s turn detective! Use your super detective skills to find out which creatures have been in the area near you.

Tickling Stick

Can you avoid being tickled? Watch out for the tickling stick! Keep an eye on who has the stick!

Spring Spotter

yellow daffodils with plant

Has Spring sprung yet? Let’s find out by looking for signs in nature!

Smelly Cocktails

Make your own smelly cocktail or potion using the things you can find in nature. There are lots of smelly things, so be sure to test them all first!


girl sitting on tree branch

Use your sense to explore the world around you! What sounds, shapes, colours, smells, and textures, can you discover?

Seed Hunt

close up photography of white dandelion flower

Can you see any seeds whilst you’re out? They may be flying through the air, down on the ground, or hitching a ride of the back of animals.

Scavenger Hunt

brown nuts on person's left palm

What can you find outside? Set yourself a challenge of 10 things to find! Think about colours, textures, sizes and shapes.

Picture This

person holding rectangular white and black frame

Make your own picture frame and frame things around you. Hold it up high, down low, what’s in the frame?

Meet A Tree

brown trees with brown leaves during daytime

Can you tell one tree from another by the way they feel? Find a group of different trees and get to know them!