Make A Nature Bracelet

person holding white flower during daytime

Make a bracelet using things you find on your walk. Choose a colour or theme for your design, or see how many different natural objects can you add.

Look Low, Look High

low angle photography of trees during daytime

Discover things you haven’t seen before by seeking out objects and animals that are high up or low down. What can you find?

Hiding Hands

brown nut on person's left palm

A fun game for two or more players! Choose an object each, ask one another questions to discover what the other person is hiding in their hands.

Frost Finder

closeup photography of frozen brown leaves

Brr, the frost is here! Let’s wrap up warm and explore how frost changes things.

Foggy Day Play

body of water in between trees covered by fog

Wow, it’s foggy today! Let’s wrap up warm, head outside, and discover how different everything is when there’s fog around.

Colour Collector

black and yellow bee pollinating on yellow sunflower

Each season has its own colour palette; how many colours can you see in your garden, or on a walk?