Have you heard of Stick man? He lives in a tree with his family and you can read all about him in a popular children’s book. Stick man goes on lots of adventures and one day he gets lost, but finally makes his way home again. Why not make your own stick man and take him on adventures in the park.

Step 1

Find a long stick with a leaf on top and two or three smaller sticks to create his arms and legs.

Step 2

Take some string and try to tie the sticks together so that it looks like he has arms and legs. If you haven’t got string, try binding the sticks with long grasses.

Step 3

Take stick man on a journey. Can he escape from a dog, get tangled in a bird’s nest, float down the river or escape from the beach?

You will need

A selection of small sticks and some string and scissors.


Can you make some clothes for stick man out of leaves? Weave the leaves onto his arms to make a cape, or put one on his head as a hat.

Did you know

In nature animals use sticks for all sorts of jobs. Some animals use sticks as a tool to get things out of holes, such as tasty ants to eat. Birds use sticks to make a safe nest for their eggs. Some use sticks to make a bed to lie on. We use sticks to build houses and make fires.

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