Music Maker

baby listening in black headset

Let’s make music! Lots of natural objects can make great instruments, collect them and test our their sounds.

Stick Man

Make a stick man and take him on adventures with you! What will he get up to and where will he go?


four children standing on dirt during daytime

Point to things you see and make them part of your story. Who will your characters be and what adventures will they have?

Play Dough Pals

play dough

Grab your playdough or clay and make the things you see! Will it be a plant or creature you see, or can you make something new!

Picture This

person holding rectangular white and black frame

Make your own picture frame and frame things around you. Hold it up high, down low, what’s in the frame?

Photo Story

selective focus photography of person taking photo of trees

Photogaph your story! Whilst you’re on your walk, take photos to remember the day and tell your family the story when you get home.

Muddy Faces

smiling girl sitting on ground near child looking up while reaching bubbles surrounded with tall and orange trees during daytime

Use mud or clay to create faces that you can leave on trees for others to see!

Mud Prints

people's hand on gray mud

Use mud to make your own natural paint, and create a piece of artwork!

Make A Nature Bracelet

person holding white flower during daytime

Make a bracelet using things you find on your walk. Choose a colour or theme for your design, or see how many different natural objects can you add.

Leaf King And Queen

brown dried leaf

Make a leaf crown, and crown yourself royalty of the garden, park, wood…!