Garden birds eat a variety of food including seeds, insects, worms berries and fruit. During the winter birds find it hard to find enough food to eat. We can help them making and putting out bird feeders. Why not make them a bird food ice lolly. It looks beautiful hanging in the trees and as the ice melts, the food falls out for them to eat.

Step 1

Get a shallow plastic pot and half fill it with water, then drape a long piece of string half in the pot and half hanging over the edge. This will allow you to hang it up once it’s frozen.

Step 2

Sprinkle a large handful of bird seed into the water, add some decoration like pretty leaves or flower petals and put your pot in the freezer overnight. Be careful not to spill it!

Step 3

Once frozen, remove your ice bird feeder from the pot and hang it in the tree. Let the sun shine through it and see how pretty it looks. Now watch and wait to see how it melts.

What you need

A shallow plastic container (like a takeaway food tub), string, bird seed, pretty leaves and petals to decorate.


Why not add a drop of food colouring to the water and turn your ice bird feeder a bright colour. Or add a handful of mealworms for an extra tasty protein treat or the birds.

Did you know?

Ice takes up more space than water, so the ice block will expand and take up more space in the container than the water did.

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