Make a colourful nature bracelet whilst you’re out for a walk. Look around and see how many small natural objects there are that could look like jewels to add to your bracelet. Tiny petals, seed heads, little leaves and shiny pebbles could all be used to create this pretty keepsake.

Step 1

Cut a thin strip to paper long enough to wrap around the wrist and apply a strip of sticky tape down the middle. Double-sided tape is best.

Step 2

Collect small leaves, petals, feathers or grasses and stick them on. You now have a bracelet that is decorated with natural treasure from that season.

Step 3

Wrap the band around the wrist and secure it with tape. Tip: hang the bracelet up to dry when you get home, making sure any flower heads or grasses are hanging downwards. Soon you’ll have a dried-flower bracelet.

You will need

A strip of paper just big enough to wrap around the wrist. Double-sided sticky tape.


Why not repeat this activity each season. You can then compare your bracelets and see the different colours and states of nature from each season.

Did you know?

A sky rainbow is made when raindrops split white sunlight into all its different colours. If the sun is behind you and it’s raining in the distance in front of you, you’ll see a rainbow. On earth we see the colour of light that is being reflected off the surface of an object. If you see a green leaf, the white light from the sun has been split, with the green light being reflected up into our eyes and the red and blue light being absorbed by the leaf.

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