Let’s make some music! Natural objects can make lots of musical sounds including thump, chink, crack, rustle, swish, splat and crunch. Try making a percussion band from objects that you can shake, rattle and beat.

Step 1

Sit together and talk about how we make sound. Practice clapping out a beat, rubbing your hands together and stamping your feet as you walk along.

Step 2

Search for objects that you could use to make a sound. Collect logs, sticks, seed cases, dry leaves, gravel, rocks. Investigate how you could use them to make a noise.

Step 3

Now try beating out a rhythm. Bang logs together, chink stones together, stamp on gravel and crunch the leaves. What will you call your new band?

What you need

A bag to collect natural objects, a range of natural objects to make sounds with.


Make up your beat and demonstrate it to your family and friends. Can they copy you and repeat the beat back to you?

Did you know?

Making music and moving to a beat is a natural behaviour for humans. Even babies and toddlers will wriggle and move in time to a beat.

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